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I don't know, been really down since gumi disappeared, her art was such an inspiration and I always smiled when I saw she uploaded something makes me quite sad, given I'm kind of unstable worsens it...i'm really worried, I barely talked to her but wherever she is I hope she is all she had her reasons for leaving...but without's lose a muse like that, to think I'll never see that lovely art again...oh well...I'll try to draw and write more midzant, thanks to her it's my second otp after ghirazant...and maybe she'd like others to like that pairing...I just hope to see more of her art someday.

Ack I'm being a jerk...hope I wasn't...was never clingy, only sent two asks to her during her staying on tumblr...maybe I should have tried to talk more to her? maybe not...I don't know...she was my favorite artist and it's like, losing an idol...oh well...I'll do other stuff to distract myself...


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